When Harry Met Sally – A Truly Great Classic Romance Flick

To review a romantic comedy classic is hard. Especially, one like this. I have watched it a few times, and it still surprises me. It covers quite a bit of romance .. good and bad … exes and best friends …. 🙂 anyway, getting ahead of myself..

The movie asked one of the most honest questions ” Can Men and Women Just Ever Be Friends? “. The answer is open ended, though the movie probably said yes 😛 …. a word of warning, there is a lot of dialogue in this movie, about relationships, so if you are a typical romance action fan, this movie is not for you.

It covers a pretty good timeline of their relationship. From the beginning in Chicago all the way to New Year Eve party many, many years later. There is so much good stuff in this movie that I cannot write much about, so I will just say, go ahead and get it.

My favorite scene is below, which is near the end of the movie. Nice eh… so some people love the orgasm thing 😉

What I liked about the movie

The chemistry between the leads, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal
The couples story interspersed between the scenes
The discussions about friendship and romance and relationships 🙂 ..my favorite