Only You – An Understated Romantic Comedy Classic

A review of Only You should mention the main stars in this movie Mr Downey and Ms Tomei, whose chemistry made this movie remarkable and fun to watch. A bit light, but the honesty is there. And making some beautiful places in Italy as background to this movie really adds the charm.

But, let’s begin the review with a simple premise. Faith, a teacher from Pittsburgh, who is getting married very very soon, runs after a man, Damon Bradley, that was supposed to be his soulmate since little. Faith is slightly eccentric, a hopeless romantic and believes in ‘destino’.
A phone call from Damon to her fiance leads her chasing him to Venice, Rome and Positano. A man whom she has never met. She is consumed by the desire to know who he is. While in Rome, she meets a false Damon, Peter Wright, played by Mr Downey. First taken by him being Damon, the scenes that they shared is an absolutely joy to
watch, two strangers who barely knew each other, falling head over heels in love. Of course, the ruse was discovered, yet Peter helps her in trying to find Damon till the end.

Helen Hunt plays a nice supporting role as Faith’s sister in law and travelling companion, adding humor and some cynicism to the dialogues.

What must be commended is the views of Italy shown here … Venice, Rome and especially, a big shout to Positano. Lovely places and scenes captured by the director.

Anyway, below is a behind the scenes clip in the making of the movie 🙂

What I liked about the movie

  • The chemistry between the leads – Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr.
  • The simple and effective plot. Destiny + Soulmate = Good Old Fashion Love
  • The beautiful and gorgeous scenes of Italian locations – Venice, Rome and Positano


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