The Rewrite – A Second Chance

The Rewrite

I love Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei. When I saw both of them starring in the same comedy, I immediately jumped the chance to watch it and review this movie.

It is a tale of redemption of sorts for Hugh Grant’s character, Keith Michaels. A screenwriter, who is in currently in a creative and personal dump, who gets a temporary teaching post in University of Binghamton, just to get by. His cynicism about life, apparent in the beginning began to thaw, especially when he met Marisa Tomei’s character, Holly.

He teaches a screenwriting class, whom students he picked randomly for their looks, instead of their work. In the movie, he learns about himself and them, and finds a little love with Holly. Although the love is not explicit, there is a nice chemistry between them, with Holly bringing out the positive humanity of Keith’s character.

It is actually a nice movie, and with repeated viewings, it actually works. So if you are looking for movie to pass by a few hours and you like Hugh Grant’s comedic charm, this movie is definitely for you.


What I Liked About The Movie

  • The natural chemistry between Hugh and Marissa.
  • The nice cast of supporting characters, gave a nice, light touch to the movie
  • The campus of University of Binghamton makes a nice background for the movie.
  • The life lessons strewn across the movie, here and there.

The trailer


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I liked the Binghampton cap worn by Chris Elliott’s character throughout the movie 🙂


Four Weddings And A Funeral – Oldie and Goodie

It has been years .. way long 22 years when I first watched this movie at a cineplex in DC. And so many repeated viewings has not tired me of this flick.
It actually occurs in four weddings and a funeral. 🙂 It is a mostly British cast movie lead by Hugh Grant, with the lone American played by Andie McDowell. Centers among a bunch of friends with Charles (Hugh Grant) the center of it all, who meets Carrie (Andie McDowell) in the first wedding.

A few romance questions that this movie poses
— If the person is the one, what stops you for pursuing him/her?
— Pursuit of one true love, reality or fantasy?

What I liked about the movie

-The chemistry among the cast
– The chemistry between the main leads (Charles & Carrie)
– The dialogues in this movie never fails to entertain
– A good story
To perk your interest in this movie, below are the a few deleted scenes from the movie. To understand them, you have to watch the movie 🙂
The clips are arranged in the order they would have appeared in the film

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Two songs made popular by the movie

Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around

Elton John – But Not For Me