Four Weddings And A Funeral – Oldie and Goodie

It has been years .. way long 22 years when I first watched this movie at a cineplex in DC. And so many repeated viewings has not tired me of this flick.
It actually occurs in four weddings and a funeral. 🙂 It is a mostly British cast movie lead by Hugh Grant, with the lone American played by Andie McDowell. Centers among a bunch of friends with Charles (Hugh Grant) the center of it all, who meets Carrie (Andie McDowell) in the first wedding.

A few romance questions that this movie poses
— If the person is the one, what stops you for pursuing him/her?
— Pursuit of one true love, reality or fantasy?

What I liked about the movie

-The chemistry among the cast
– The chemistry between the main leads (Charles & Carrie)
– The dialogues in this movie never fails to entertain
– A good story
To perk your interest in this movie, below are the a few deleted scenes from the movie. To understand them, you have to watch the movie 🙂
The clips are arranged in the order they would have appeared in the film

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Two songs made popular by the movie

Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around

Elton John – But Not For Me