Liberal Arts – Present Romance Gets In The Way Of Future

Movie Plot

Jesse, a college admissions officer, is not having the best of his life, goes back to his alma mater, to celebrate the retirement of his favorite professor. He meets Zibby, an sophomore, who puts some spark back into his life, and a mutual attraction grows between both of them. He meets a few other people who makes him wonder whether what he is doing with Zibby ..

My Review

Some people, myself included, can identify with Jesse. Stuck in the dead-end job that you don’t particularly enjoy. Kind of crummy life routine and just got dumped. Go back to college, a familiar and loving environment and meet a unique girl whom you feel connected to. Sounds like a good recipe no? 😉 This movie is charming in its way. It is not particularly harsh on the main character, but gently guides him through the highs and lows. Josh Radnor does a good job as Jesse. He also wrote and directed it. Warning, after watching this flick, you might have pangs of college nostalgia.

What I liked About The Movie

The chemistry between the leads Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen
The gorgeous locations of Kenyon College which provided the location scenes for the movie
The pace of the movie… enough to enjoy the beautiful scenery
The cameos by the supporting casts 🙂

The Movie Trailer

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