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When Woody Allen makes a romantic comedy, it is always more of a hit than a miss, so I gave this movie a shot. I saw Midnight in Paris (2011) and liked it very much and when I read favorable reviews of this movie, I simply had to watch.
Plot wise, it is simple of love, decisions that you make about love and the always longing attraction for what-ifs. The way Woody conveys it, using the swinging 30s in the background, kept me interested.
The two main characters, Bobby and Veronica played by Jesse Eisenberg and Kirsten Stewart, meet in Hollywood, meet, and soon fall in love and then break-up when Veronica (Vonnie) chooses her ex, Bobby’s uncle. But, in the end, there is a hint of what-ifs in the minds of both characters.

I purposely don’t want to spoil more details about the movie, but I would really recommend this movie

What I liked about the movie

  • The obvious chemistry between the two main leads, Jesse Eisenberg and Kirsten Stewart. This was their second collaboration together and it shows.
  • The excellent cast of supporting characters helped the movie came alive as well.
  • The swinging 30s background is an excellent, especially if you love music from the era.
  • Woody Allen’s narration was spot on at most times. It helps in following the film, but does not distract the viewer from it.
  • The witty dialogues that drove the story. 🙂

The official trailer

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The Rewrite – A Second Chance

The Rewrite

I love Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei. When I saw both of them starring in the same comedy, I immediately jumped the chance to watch it and review this movie.

It is a tale of redemption of sorts for Hugh Grant’s character, Keith Michaels. A screenwriter, who is in currently in a creative and personal dump, who gets a temporary teaching post in University of Binghamton, just to get by. His cynicism about life, apparent in the beginning began to thaw, especially when he met Marisa Tomei’s character, Holly.

He teaches a screenwriting class, whom students he picked randomly for their looks, instead of their work. In the movie, he learns about himself and them, and finds a little love with Holly. Although the love is not explicit, there is a nice chemistry between them, with Holly bringing out the positive humanity of Keith’s character.

It is actually a nice movie, and with repeated viewings, it actually works. So if you are looking for movie to pass by a few hours and you like Hugh Grant’s comedic charm, this movie is definitely for you.


What I Liked About The Movie

  • The natural chemistry between Hugh and Marissa.
  • The nice cast of supporting characters, gave a nice, light touch to the movie
  • The campus of University of Binghamton makes a nice background for the movie.
  • The life lessons strewn across the movie, here and there.

The trailer


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I liked the Binghampton cap worn by Chris Elliott’s character throughout the movie 🙂


Four Weddings And A Funeral – Oldie and Goodie

It has been years .. way long 22 years when I first watched this movie at a cineplex in DC. And so many repeated viewings has not tired me of this flick.
It actually occurs in four weddings and a funeral. 🙂 It is a mostly British cast movie lead by Hugh Grant, with the lone American played by Andie McDowell. Centers among a bunch of friends with Charles (Hugh Grant) the center of it all, who meets Carrie (Andie McDowell) in the first wedding.

A few romance questions that this movie poses
— If the person is the one, what stops you for pursuing him/her?
— Pursuit of one true love, reality or fantasy?

What I liked about the movie

-The chemistry among the cast
– The chemistry between the main leads (Charles & Carrie)
– The dialogues in this movie never fails to entertain
– A good story
To perk your interest in this movie, below are the a few deleted scenes from the movie. To understand them, you have to watch the movie 🙂
The clips are arranged in the order they would have appeared in the film

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Two songs made popular by the movie

Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around

Elton John – But Not For Me


When Harry Met Sally – A Truly Great Classic Romance Flick

To review a romantic comedy classic is hard. Especially, one like this. I have watched it a few times, and it still surprises me. It covers quite a bit of romance .. good and bad … exes and best friends …. 🙂 anyway, getting ahead of myself..

The movie asked one of the most honest questions ” Can Men and Women Just Ever Be Friends? “. The answer is open ended, though the movie probably said yes 😛 …. a word of warning, there is a lot of dialogue in this movie, about relationships, so if you are a typical romance action fan, this movie is not for you.

It covers a pretty good timeline of their relationship. From the beginning in Chicago all the way to New Year Eve party many, many years later. There is so much good stuff in this movie that I cannot write much about, so I will just say, go ahead and get it.

My favorite scene is below, which is near the end of the movie. Nice eh… so some people love the orgasm thing 😉

What I liked about the movie

The chemistry between the leads, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal
The couples story interspersed between the scenes
The discussions about friendship and romance and relationships 🙂 favorite


Liberal Arts – Present Romance Gets In The Way Of Future

Movie Plot

Jesse, a college admissions officer, is not having the best of his life, goes back to his alma mater, to celebrate the retirement of his favorite professor. He meets Zibby, an sophomore, who puts some spark back into his life, and a mutual attraction grows between both of them. He meets a few other people who makes him wonder whether what he is doing with Zibby ..

My Review

Some people, myself included, can identify with Jesse. Stuck in the dead-end job that you don’t particularly enjoy. Kind of crummy life routine and just got dumped. Go back to college, a familiar and loving environment and meet a unique girl whom you feel connected to. Sounds like a good recipe no? 😉 This movie is charming in its way. It is not particularly harsh on the main character, but gently guides him through the highs and lows. Josh Radnor does a good job as Jesse. He also wrote and directed it. Warning, after watching this flick, you might have pangs of college nostalgia.

What I liked About The Movie

The chemistry between the leads Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen
The gorgeous locations of Kenyon College which provided the location scenes for the movie
The pace of the movie… enough to enjoy the beautiful scenery
The cameos by the supporting casts 🙂

The Movie Trailer

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Only You – An Understated Romantic Comedy Classic

A review of Only You should mention the main stars in this movie Mr Downey and Ms Tomei, whose chemistry made this movie remarkable and fun to watch. A bit light, but the honesty is there. And making some beautiful places in Italy as background to this movie really adds the charm.

But, let’s begin the review with a simple premise. Faith, a teacher from Pittsburgh, who is getting married very very soon, runs after a man, Damon Bradley, that was supposed to be his soulmate since little. Faith is slightly eccentric, a hopeless romantic and believes in ‘destino’.
A phone call from Damon to her fiance leads her chasing him to Venice, Rome and Positano. A man whom she has never met. She is consumed by the desire to know who he is. While in Rome, she meets a false Damon, Peter Wright, played by Mr Downey. First taken by him being Damon, the scenes that they shared is an absolutely joy to
watch, two strangers who barely knew each other, falling head over heels in love. Of course, the ruse was discovered, yet Peter helps her in trying to find Damon till the end.

Helen Hunt plays a nice supporting role as Faith’s sister in law and travelling companion, adding humor and some cynicism to the dialogues.

What must be commended is the views of Italy shown here … Venice, Rome and especially, a big shout to Positano. Lovely places and scenes captured by the director.

Anyway, below is a behind the scenes clip in the making of the movie 🙂

What I liked about the movie

  • The chemistry between the leads – Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr.
  • The simple and effective plot. Destiny + Soulmate = Good Old Fashion Love
  • The beautiful and gorgeous scenes of Italian locations – Venice, Rome and Positano


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American Pie – Innocent Teen Romance In A Raunchy Way

The Trailer

I remembered watching this flick around the late 90s when it became a surprise hit. Granted it is a bit raunchy ( it launched the whole raunchy teen comedy in my opinion ), but the core of this movie is about love ( finding it ). It was the first movie that launched the whole American Pie movie series, and I personally think that it is the best in the series.
Although the pursuit of having sex for the first time is the main purpose of the four main characters, each of them learnt a lesson about finding sex / love. The best romance in the movie, in my opinion, is Oz and Heather. The jock and the choir chick get together in the end 😉

2014 – surprisingly, the stuff featured here is still relevant today.

What I liked about the movie

– the unique storyline of the four main characters .. it was simply done and each story did not overwhelm the other …
– the chemistry of the two main couples .. Kev – Vick and Oz – Heather
– the crassness of Stifler … playing a typical jock perspective on sex and love

American_Pie 1
The Movie Poster

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As Good As It Gets …. Jack does Romance ;-)

The Trailer – ‘As Good As It Gets’

For a romance movie for a more mature audience, As Good As It Gets is highly recommended. When it was released in Christmas 97, it received favorable reviews from critics and audience alike.
The story is based around the relationship between Melvin, a successful author who is a misanthrope, Carol, a single mother waitress who serves him, and Simon, his gay artist neighbor. Melvin’s world revolves his writing, eating at the place where Carol works and is the only one who is willing to serve him, and shutting off his neighbors including Simon.
An unfortunate event befalls Simon and it leads to the three of them being involved. The romance is between Melvin and Carol, while Simon in the end, becomes a cheerleader of sorts for both of them.

as good as it gets
As Good As It Get movie poster, courtesy of at

One thing that struck me about this movie is how Jack Nicholson shines in this movie, just by being the actor he is. I like his portrayal of a character who is in the beginning is pretty horrid and in the end, becomes likable. Helen Hunt does an amazing job as a single mom who reluctantly accepts Melvin’s role in her life, and in the end, finds love in a unlikely man.
For the romantic in me, seeing how their ‘relationship’ develop despite their obvious differences is interesting. How they compromise is a joy to watch.

What I like about the movie

  • the interaction between the two main characters, Melvin and Carol
  • the role plays by Simon, in bringing out Melvin’s humanity
  • the storyline that follows an unlikely relationship that comes to fruition


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A Walk To Remember

– based on the Nicholas Spark novel of the same title, this movie stars Mandy Moore as and Shane West as Landon. The plot is simple, a teen guy and daughter of the town minister become friends due to circumstances prompted by the rebel boy’s actions.
– their friendship blossomed as they needed to collaborate on the final high school play, and in the end, it turned into love. He discovers the meaning of life while she discovers how beautiful love is. I watched this movie early 2000s and was struck by the simplicty of the movie.
– the leads gave a touching honest performance and there was real chemistry between both of them. The supporting cast was also good in that they did not hinder the movie and thankfully, the movie plot is simple and straightforward

What I liked about the movie

– the performance of Mandy Moore and Shane West as the two leads
– the music that accompanied the movie .. mostly pop songs, with a classic grunge rock track ‘Cannonball’ – The Breeders –
– the background of the place – a typical American town

PS / do get the novel as well, as the book complements the movie well

The movie

The book


Beautiful Girls – What Do You Do With Past, Present and Future Romance ?

For the current generation ( 18-25 years old ), the movie ‘Beautiful Girls’ will be an alien movie for them. Released in 1996, it is now considered a ‘cult classic’, a movie that deals with a variety of themes, that relate to romance.

On the outside, it looks like a reunion with old friends. As you go deeper, the movie deals with question of how they should handle past, present and future romance.

It is 90s movies like ‘Beautiful Girls’ that deal with relationship honestly, which make it better than new movies released in the romance genre nowadays.

The central character, Willy, deals with a present relationship that he is in, which he is in the ambivalent mode, while attracted to a potential future romance with Marty. Trouble is Marty is just 13 ! As for his friends, we have the former high school jock who is still cannot let go of his past romance while still wanting to hold on to his current romance. A friend who wants his past romance even though the ex has moved on, and fixated on beautiful models.

These storylines are a few which run through this movie. In this movie, the romances portrayed have an air of wistfulness about them, in a way that the destination is still unclear where it will end.

The crew of actors do a great job in making this movie work, with the chemistry among them. You will find yourself following them, enjoying their banter and learning about who they are. Screen time is equally given to both to the male and female characters, so there is no ‘sexism’ here.

Both views are presented, so you can see both perspectives.

One of the characters, Gina, has the best lines in the movie, which in a way sums the romance dilemmas. The clip is below

In the end, there is most closure for the parties involved, though in my opinion, Willy leaves a little door ajar 😉

What I liked about the movie

  • The colorful characters of friends in the movie, and their interaction… people that we can identify with ..
  • The plotline … simple to understand..
  • The relationship between Willy and Marty
  • The role of Andera in making things clearer for Willy, Paul and Tommy

PS / I do recommend the soundtrack, some nice music there …

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