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When Woody Allen makes a romantic comedy, it is always more of a hit than a miss, so I gave this movie a shot. I saw Midnight in Paris (2011) and liked it very much and when I read favorable reviews of this movie, I simply had to watch.
Plot wise, it is simple of love, decisions that you make about love and the always longing attraction for what-ifs. The way Woody conveys it, using the swinging 30s in the background, kept me interested.
The two main characters, Bobby and Veronica played by Jesse Eisenberg and Kirsten Stewart, meet in Hollywood, meet, and soon fall in love and then break-up when Veronica (Vonnie) chooses her ex, Bobby’s uncle. But, in the end, there is a hint of what-ifs in the minds of both characters.

I purposely don’t want to spoil more details about the movie, but I would really recommend this movie

What I liked about the movie

  • The obvious chemistry between the two main leads, Jesse Eisenberg and Kirsten Stewart. This was their second collaboration together and it shows.
  • The excellent cast of supporting characters helped the movie came alive as well.
  • The swinging 30s background is an excellent, especially if you love music from the era.
  • Woody Allen’s narration was spot on at most times. It helps in following the film, but does not distract the viewer from it.
  • The witty dialogues that drove the story. 🙂

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