A Walk To Remember

– based on the Nicholas Spark novel of the same title, this movie stars Mandy Moore as and Shane West as Landon. The plot is simple, a teen guy and daughter of the town minister become friends due to circumstances prompted by the rebel boy’s actions.
– their friendship blossomed as they needed to collaborate on the final high school play, and in the end, it turned into love. He discovers the meaning of life while she discovers how beautiful love is. I watched this movie early 2000s and was struck by the simplicty of the movie.
– the leads gave a touching honest performance and there was real chemistry between both of them. The supporting cast was also good in that they did not hinder the movie and thankfully, the movie plot is simple and straightforward

What I liked about the movie

– the performance of Mandy Moore and Shane West as the two leads
– the music that accompanied the movie .. mostly pop songs, with a classic grunge rock track ‘Cannonball’ – The Breeders –
– the background of the place – a typical American town

PS / do get the novel as well, as the book complements the movie well

The movie

The book


Beautiful Girls – What Do You Do With Past, Present and Future Romance ?

For the current generation ( 18-25 years old ), the movie ‘Beautiful Girls’ will be an alien movie for them. Released in 1996, it is now considered a ‘cult classic’, a movie that deals with a variety of themes, that relate to romance.

On the outside, it looks like a reunion with old friends. As you go deeper, the movie deals with question of how they should handle past, present and future romance.

It is 90s movies like ‘Beautiful Girls’ that deal with relationship honestly, which make it better than new movies released in the romance genre nowadays.

The central character, Willy, deals with a present relationship that he is in, which he is in the ambivalent mode, while attracted to a potential future romance with Marty. Trouble is Marty is just 13 ! As for his friends, we have the former high school jock who is still cannot let go of his past romance while still wanting to hold on to his current romance. A friend who wants his past romance even though the ex has moved on, and fixated on beautiful models.

These storylines are a few which run through this movie. In this movie, the romances portrayed have an air of wistfulness about them, in a way that the destination is still unclear where it will end.

The crew of actors do a great job in making this movie work, with the chemistry among them. You will find yourself following them, enjoying their banter and learning about who they are. Screen time is equally given to both to the male and female characters, so there is no ‘sexism’ here.

Both views are presented, so you can see both perspectives.

One of the characters, Gina, has the best lines in the movie, which in a way sums the romance dilemmas. The clip is below

In the end, there is most closure for the parties involved, though in my opinion, Willy leaves a little door ajar 😉

What I liked about the movie

  • The colorful characters of friends in the movie, and their interaction… people that we can identify with ..
  • The plotline … simple to understand..
  • The relationship between Willy and Marty
  • The role of Andera in making things clearer for Willy, Paul and Tommy

PS / I do recommend the soundtrack, some nice music there …

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Music Soundtrack


Valentine’ Day – A Rojak of Love Stories on Valentine’ Day

Rojak is a Malaysian dish which consists of fritters, eggs, cucumber and other stuff, topped with a generous helping of spicy peanut sauce. Not the most healthy meal, but delicious and satisfying never the less.

I had the same reaction after watching ‘Valentine’s Day’, a romantic comedy ensemble of stories on Valentine’s Day. It is kind of similar to Love Actually, another movie that I had reviewed earlier.

The one thing that I really liked was the all star ensemble … for the young, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner and Emma Roberts.. for the young adults.. Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba .. and for the veterans, Shirley McLaine and Hector Elizondo.

I think that is the main reason why this movie ‘worked’… the cast did a good job. This is a nice movie to view if you want a nice pick-up for the mood of love.

What I liked about the movie

The actors and actresses did a good job. It was kind of a breezy acting gig for the most of them 😉

The various angles of relationships shown in the movie — it had something for movie goers of all ages …

The official movie trailer