As Good As It Gets …. Jack does Romance ;-)

The Trailer – ‘As Good As It Gets’

For a romance movie for a more mature audience, As Good As It Gets is highly recommended. When it was released in Christmas 97, it received favorable reviews from critics and audience alike.
The story is based around the relationship between Melvin, a successful author who is a misanthrope, Carol, a single mother waitress who serves him, and Simon, his gay artist neighbor. Melvin’s world revolves his writing, eating at the place where Carol works and is the only one who is willing to serve him, and shutting off his neighbors including Simon.
An unfortunate event befalls Simon and it leads to the three of them being involved. The romance is between Melvin and Carol, while Simon in the end, becomes a cheerleader of sorts for both of them.

as good as it gets
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One thing that struck me about this movie is how Jack Nicholson shines in this movie, just by being the actor he is. I like his portrayal of a character who is in the beginning is pretty horrid and in the end, becomes likable. Helen Hunt does an amazing job as a single mom who reluctantly accepts Melvin’s role in her life, and in the end, finds love in a unlikely man.
For the romantic in me, seeing how their ‘relationship’ develop despite their obvious differences is interesting. How they compromise is a joy to watch.

What I like about the movie

  • the interaction between the two main characters, Melvin and Carol
  • the role plays by Simon, in bringing out Melvin’s humanity
  • the storyline that follows an unlikely relationship that comes to fruition


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