American Pie – Innocent Teen Romance In A Raunchy Way

The Trailer

I remembered watching this flick around the late 90s when it became a surprise hit. Granted it is a bit raunchy ( it launched the whole raunchy teen comedy in my opinion ), but the core of this movie is about love ( finding it ). It was the first movie that launched the whole American Pie movie series, and I personally think that it is the best in the series.
Although the pursuit of having sex for the first time is the main purpose of the four main characters, each of them learnt a lesson about finding sex / love. The best romance in the movie, in my opinion, is Oz and Heather. The jock and the choir chick get together in the end 😉

2014 – surprisingly, the stuff featured here is still relevant today.

What I liked about the movie

– the unique storyline of the four main characters .. it was simply done and each story did not overwhelm the other …
– the chemistry of the two main couples .. Kev – Vick and Oz – Heather
– the crassness of Stifler … playing a typical jock perspective on sex and love

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