A Walk To Remember

– based on the Nicholas Spark novel of the same title, this movie stars Mandy Moore as and Shane West as Landon. The plot is simple, a teen guy and daughter of the town minister become friends due to circumstances prompted by the rebel boy’s actions.
– their friendship blossomed as they needed to collaborate on the final high school play, and in the end, it turned into love. He discovers the meaning of life while she discovers how beautiful love is. I watched this movie early 2000s and was struck by the simplicty of the movie.
– the leads gave a touching honest performance and there was real chemistry between both of them. The supporting cast was also good in that they did not hinder the movie and thankfully, the movie plot is simple and straightforward

What I liked about the movie

– the performance of Mandy Moore and Shane West as the two leads
– the music that accompanied the movie .. mostly pop songs, with a classic grunge rock track ‘Cannonball’ – The Breeders –
– the background of the place – a typical American town

PS / do get the novel as well, as the book complements the movie well

The movie

The book


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